Handy Screenshot App for Mac

Common Issues

Unable to Subscribe

  • “Account Not In This Store” error message with “Change Store” button

    This message may appear when you are currently in a different country than the country of your App Store account. Sorry, we have no fix for this problem currently. It seems an Apple Store issue.

  • There is no subscribe info after the purchase is done, restore purchase didn’t work

    That’s probably because of network instability when making the purchase. Try delete Xnip, reinstall from App Store, then restore purchase again.

  • “SKErrorDomain error 0” message

    Please try to subscribe again after:

    1. Re-login the Mac App Store.
    2. Re-login the iTunes.

    If it doesn’t work, make sure you are running the latest version of macOS, restart your computer, then try again.

Scrolling Capture Issues

There are several reasons why scrolling capture cannot be done. Check Limitations of scrolling capture for more information.