Handy Screenshot App for Mac

How to take a scrolling capture

GIF example of scrolling capture:

How to take a scrolling capture

1.Starting a capture

You can start a capture by shortcut or click the button in the menu bar icon.

2.Select an area

After start a capture, click and drag to select the capture area. A blue box will indicate the area. If you are making a scrolling capture, make sure you select the correct area. Any floating view or scroll bar should not be contained in your selection. Only scrollable content should be contained.

3.Click the button

Click the button on tool bar to start scrolling capture.

4.Slowly scroll the content

Use trackpad to smoothly and slowly scroll the content you want to capture. That is a preview view beside showing the capture result in real time. The process may pause if you scroll too fast.

Limitations of scrolling capture

When you taking a scrolling capture, Xnip continuously captures the content of the area your selected, then find the same portion of each capture and combine them.

If Xnip did not find the same portion, the scrolling capture pauses.

Currently, the following situations may cause the scrolling capture to pause.

  • When you are selecting a wrong area. Please refer to the Select an area (Usually, fail cause by this reason. Please read carefully and make sure you have understood).
  • When content has elements that are constantly changing, such as the web page effects or video.
  • When content has an nonsolid color background, such as an chat window like this.
  • When you are scrolling too fast.
  • When you are not doing a completely vertical scrolling. Sometimes it’s hard to make a completely vertical scrolling (such as a zoomed in view in the Preview ), you can activate the corresponding window, then use up and down arrow keys to scroll vertically.
  • Currently only support scroll down. if you scroll up, the process may pause.

We will address these limitations by improving the algorithm in the future.